What on earth is Phytotherapy

Phytotherapy has nothing to do with Fighting. And it is not physiotherapy spelled wrong. But like physio, which has the Latin root of the word referring to the body… Phyto come from the Latin root for ‘plant’. So this term means plant therapy, or more commonly known as herbal medicine. In South Africa Phytotherapists are trained in clinical and diagnostic skills at the University of the Western Cape. So if you are going to a Phytotherapy Doctor for the first time you can expect for them to take a full medical history, do a physical exam, present some form of diagnosis […]

The past, present and future of Herbal Medicine – Rocking the Daisies 2015

The use of Western Herbal Medication has been discontinued in mainstream hospitals since the early 1950’s. But does this insinuate that herbs do not work? The evidence of its efficacy lies in the fact that natural medicine has been the only source of medicine for centuries gone by and the human race is still ticking on! We’ve all heard about the Hippocratic oath from “Grey’s Anatomy” or “House”. It is called the Hippocratic oath because Hippocrates was the first known physician to begin recording his medical findings. He is known as the ‘Father of Medicine’. And, like him, herbal practitioners still give medicine in […]